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Have you ever heard the expression “a smile can go a long way”?

Smiling at others can not only impact their day, but make a huge difference to your own physical and mental wellbeing.

When we smile, our body reacts by releasing endorphins which can help us to relax, destress and provide pain relief. When our facial muscles relax into a smile they can calm the nervous system and make us appear more friendly, trustworthy and empathetic.

In comparison, when we frown our body responds with tightened muscles, increased sweating and a faster heart rate.

Even if you don’t feel like smiling, doing it anyway will force your body to respond in a positive way, producing all the benefits of a smile.

Have you ever tried to not return the smile from another person? It’s almost impossible as our body reacts naturally.

A quick two second smile to another human being can produce a mini relationship and make you both feel good!