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Nourishing after school snacks

After school can be a challenging time. Some kids are desperately hungry, others are worn out and grumpy. Parents need some quick and easy ideas for after school snacks that will help children refuel to keep them going for the rest of the afternoon.

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Christmas recipes roundup

To help you bring some delicious, healthy food to your table on Christmas Day, we’ve put together the below list of recipes from some of our favourite chefs and bloggers. There are so many delicious options, which one will you choose?

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Six ways with cauliflower

Cauliflower does not have to be bland and tasteless! We’ve sourced six cauliflower recipes which will help you bring this humble vegetable to life.

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Healthy Hot Chocolate

Are you craving extra food (mostly chocolate) to keep you warm this winter? Try this healthy hot chocolate recipe to satisfy those cravings.

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Sweet Potato Fries

Today, we’re sharing an absolutely delicious recipe for Sweet Potato Fries, written by the wonderful Alexx Stuart of Low Tox Life. We tested them last week and they are absolutely delicious – no more soggy sweet potato chips in this household!

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Quirky Quinoa Porridge

With the cooler mornings settling in, a warming bowl of porridge is back on the breakfast menu! This comforting porridge recipe provided by Naed Nutrition is gluten free and packed with protein, fibre, and fatty acids. This recipe is both naturally sweet and good for your body, especially encouraging weight loss!

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Healthy Hot Cross Bun recipes

With Easter fast approaching, the supermarkets and bakeries are full of Hot Cross Buns, a delicious Easter tradition. Unfortunately, the store bought varieties are often high in sugar and full of unnecessary and toxic additives and preservatives. Today we’re sharing a few fabulous Hot Cross Bun recipes for you to try at home…

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Healthy Christmas Brownies

Here’s a delicious recipe for raw, vegan and gluten free chocolate brownies! Perfect for dessert on Christmas Day and much healthier that that Christmas trifle!!

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Sensational Smoothies

Smoothies are one of the easiest and most nutritious breakfast, snacks, pre/post workout meals you will come across. Here are some favourite recipes.

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Grain Free Cracker Recipe

It can be difficult to find crackers that are high in fibre and protein while low in sodium, but this recipe has the perfect balance of goodness…

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