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Our workshops go straight to the most helpful ideas around the dilemmas of your emotions, relationships, thoughts and anxiety. These short classes will build your emotional intelligence in a practical way. This is the no fluff emotional stuff.
Join other lovers of the mind for an intensive 2hour workshop designed to give your the ‘how tos’ to make you a better version of yourself, whether you have come to our workshops before or you are new this is a great way to learn more about yourself and start implementing the change you need.

This workshop to our 3 part-power-program will cover:


The MISSING HOW TO guide to manage your emotions.

EMOTIONS are the epi-centre of your life. Supressing your emotions or experiencing emotional hijackings is a common problem. This workshop will give you the ‘HOW TO’ guide to understand, handle and express your emotions to improve your communication, relationships and ERC (emotional roller-coaster) immediately.

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Look out for the following 2 workshops in this series:

How to Design Your Ultimate Life

How to Master the ART of Positive Thinking

These workshops are packed full of practical exercises and individual guides leaving with you a time-saving improvement plan to implement immediately.

You’ll learn, make friends and – in the long run – save a lot of time.

You can attend one now and the rest later or sign up to all three for a discount.

Phone 9304 1000 to find out more.

There’s a seat limit, and they’re sure to be snatched up quickly, so register today! This is an opportunity not to be missed. We look forward to seeing you there.
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