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hot cross buffins

With Easter fast approaching this week, the supermarkets and bakeries are full of Hot Cross Buns, a delicious and popular Easter tradition. Unfortunately, the store bought varieties are often high in sugar and full of unnecessary and toxic additives and preservatives. So today we’re sharing a few fabulous Hot Cross Bun recipes for you to try at home, which are much healthier than the store bought alternative and allow us to celebrate real food which will truly nourish and delight this Easter.

Our first recommended recipe, pictured above, is Healthy Hot Cross Buffins, created by Naturopath Georgia Harding, founder of Well Nourished, a fabulous health blog with many delicious recipes to explore. Whilst not a true dough, these Hot Cross Buffins provide a fantastic alternative which are quick and easy to throw together, and truly delicious.

Our second recommendation is a recipe is by Jo Whitton of Quirky Cooking fame. Jo’s Hot Cross Buns recipe is low in sugar, and uses spelt flour, a more nutritious wheat flour. There’s even a chocolate-chip variation provided!

So why not start a new Easter tradition in your house today – homemade Hot Cross Buns. They’re sure to be a hit, and you can feel safe in the knowledge they only contain real food, with no harmful ingredients in sight!