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With winter in full swing in Perth at the moment, we’d like to share with you an article we read recently on the 10 best fruit and vegetables to support your immune system.

Author Georgia Harding is a qualified naturopath and mother of two with a fantastic blog called Well Nourished – full of loads of great recipes and tips to feed yourself and your family wholesome nutritious meals.

We’ve all heard the saying “food as medicine”. Next time you start feeling the onset of a cold or flu coming on – turn to the kitchen and consider what you can eat that might kick it to the kerb! Georgia advises that ALL fruit and vegetables support a healthy digestive and immune system, however some are more immune supportive than others. So which are the stand out immune boosters?

The list looks like this:
Leafy Greens
Ginger and Turmeric

Find out why their so great, and how you can use them by reading Georgia’s full article 10 fruits and vegetables to support your immune system

For some immune-boosting recipes featuring the all star cast above, we recommend the following recipes:

Immune Boosting Smoothie by Teresa Cutter, The Healthy Chef

Coconut Lemon Chicken Soup by Quirky Cooking

Autumn Salad by Food Matters

The Ultimate Immune Boosting Soup by The Healthy Maven