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Mat Exercise & Pilates Classes

Our Mat Exercise & Pilates Classes incorporate specific exercises with a focus
on strength, conditioning and function to help you reach your lifestyle goals.
All of our classes are run by experienced physiotherapists who are also
trained in Pilates to a very high level. Physiotherapy principles underpin the
prescription of exercises and exercises are individually modified to suit all
levels and injury. The classes provide a safe and fun way to exercise, knowing
that your experienced practitioner is supervising you closely throughout the

What are the benefits?

• Improved core and postural muscle strength
• Improved flexibility
• Improved spine mobility
• Stress relief
• Injury prevention

What happens in a class?

The classes are 1 hour in duration and incorporate Pilates and physiotherapy
exercises that work on core abdominal strength, gluteal (bottom muscles!)
strengthening, flexibility work, balance, spine articulation and finishes with
full body relaxation and meditation. The classes are designed to ensure you
leave feeling like you have worked hard but also feel relaxed and

How do I book?

Before starting the class you need to book with one of our physiotherapists for
your initial assessment. This is a 40 minute assessment where we find out more
about your health, your body, your goals and how we can help you achieve them.
We go through a thorough assessment of your injury history and health, assess
your posture, movement and any specific problem areas. We also use specialised
realtime ultrasound imaging to assess your core muscles and pelvic floor so we
know you are ready to start the class safely. This assessment helps you to get
the most out of your classes as it enables us to help you work towards your goals
and to know your movement capabilities and take into account any injury

Where are the classes held?

Flinders Park Community Centre
37 Broadbeach Blvd
Hillarys 6025

Currambine Community Centre
64 Delamere Avenue
Currambine 6028

What should you bring?

• Exercise mat
• Water
• Towel
• Comfortable exercise clothing

Call Live Well Hillarys on 9307 8022 or Currambine on 9304 1000 to book.


Mat Exercise & Pilates Classes