We believe that everyone should Live Well, no matter what your life circumstances have
We believe that everyone should Live Well, no matter what your life circumstances have brought you.
At Live Well, we are fortunate enough to spend our working days helping our clients to improve their health and wellbeing. Some people don’t even have their basic needs met, let alone be in a place to think about wellness. Give Well is our way of helping those who are struggling to meet even their basic needs and to help improve the quality of their lives.
We believe that contribution to our community by way of giving of time, funds and kindness, help us to improve our own health as well improve our community’s health as a whole.
Give Well is the philanthropic wing of Live Well. It is our space to give back, to think of others and to spread kindness.
We have thought long and hard about how we can best support those in our community who are really struggling, need to know that some one cares and need help with their basic needs to get back on their feet. As such, we have created three arms to Give Well:

Three key charities we support regularly by way of monthly giving:

Mission Australia 
Food Bank
Share the Dignity

Local community

Our local community initiatives provide a space for our team, clients and community to get involved. We focus on activities that assist our three key charities above at a local level such as food drives, collection of clothing and blankets for people who are homeless in our community, ‘It’s in the Bag’ campaign and volunteering. We also love our beautiful coastline and help to keep it beautiful by doing beach clean ups at our local beaches!

Acts of Kindness

This one is very close to our heart. Each month we select a team member and give them an amount of money at each clinic. The team member can choose to spend the money on an act of kindness in the community to help some one who needs help the most. The effect of giving on our own health is amazing and we believe that a sense of contribution and connection to our community is critical for good health. These ‘Acts of Kindness’ have had incredible effects on our team members as well as the people at the receiving end – sometimes just knowing that someone else cares is all we need to help us improve our lives/move forward.
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Kindness is free, sprinkle it everywhere! 

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