We all know that exercise is important but how much and what type are best? We are all different and have different needs and capabilities and so it’s important that the type of exercise you do is suited to you. A general guide on this would be that you feel good after doing it, your body feels stronger and fitter, you enjoy doing it (or at least enjoy the feeling afterwards!) and it gives you balance in your body. Generally, a combination of cardio and strength work is needed for our bodies. And most importantly, you need to be performing the exercises correctly.

This is where, as physios, we see a lot of injuries from exercises being done without quite the right balance of muscle activation. It’s important to know you are doing it right. How much exercise should we be doing? The World Health Organisation’s recommendations are 30-60 minutes of exercise five days a week. Read more on our blog about what type and how much exercise to do.

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