Hydrotherapy combines the benefits of exercise and warm water to improve function and reduce pain. The buoyancy of the water makes rehabilitation more comfortable and often means you can progress faster, which in turn helps you recover from injury more rapidly. We provide small group hydrotherapy sessions taught by the physio in the water.

Hydrotherapy is beneficial for many conditions, including:

• Sports Injuries
• Pre-post joint replacement/reconstruction
• Back & Neck Pain
• Arthritis
• Workplace Injuries
• Whiplash Injuries
• Decreased mobility
• Pregnancy

Hydrotherapy is a perfect place to start exercising if you have pain or need to rehabilitate an injury without full weight-bearing. It is a great way to maintain mobility when movement is painful.

Call us at our Hillarys clinic on 9307 8022 to find out more about hydrotherapy or to book a session.

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