Running Clinic

One of the most common things we hear from people about running is that they have been told it’s bad for their joints. As physiotherapists, we need to follow the evidence in what we prescribe and did you know, the evidence actually supports the opposite, that running is NOT bad for your body! In fact, running can help prevent the top 35 chronic health diseases and runners are three times LESS likely to get knee and hip OA. The issue is when people aren’t running with good technique as this can commonly lead to knee and lower limb pain.

Running is a skill and like any skill it can be learned. Whether you are a seasoned runner or just starting out, you can benefit from having a running analysis to assess your running technique and identify areas for improvement and ways to prevent injury.

Our physiotherapists are extremely passionate about helping you to refine your technique, improve your functional strength and reach your running goals.

What is the Running Clinic?

The Live Well Running clinic is a thorough assessment of your running technique. It consists of an initial 40-minute appointment for video analysis and assessment, followed by a subsequent 40-minute session to detail an individualised, comprehensive report. This also includes planning to improve your running efficiency and target personalised goals.

What do we do?

– 3D and 2D video analysis of running technique
– Postural and breathing assessment
- Musculoskeletal strength and functional assessment
– Footwear analysis and recommendations
Our goal is to help everyone improve their running, regardless of their age or experience level.

Run Further, Faster and Pain-Free!