Does your job require you to sit at a desk? Do you feel achy and sore at the end of work?
Does your job require you to sit at a desk? Do you feel achy and sore at the end of work? Are you often wriggling around at work to find a more comfortable position? Well here’s a few tips and tricks to help your posture while you’re at your desk.

1. Set up for success

 – adjust your seat height to allow your feet to be flat and your forearms horizontal, resting at the height of your desk. (Hint: you may need a foot stool if your desk is too high) This helps to avoid working in a shrugged or hunched over position.

2. Screen height

 – line up the top of your screen at eye level to reduce excessive pressure on your neck when working on the computer.

3. Keep things close

 – your regular use items such as the mouse, phone, pens, sticky notes should all be within arm’s reach to avoid overstraining repetitively throughout the day.

4. Stand up every half hour

 – keep the blood pumping and stimulate the joints!
Our bodies are made to move! So it’s not surprising that you feel stiff and sore after sitting in one spot for hours on end each day. Here are 5 easy to do exercises to keep mobile and help your posture in the comfort of your office chair.

1. Pelvic Tilts

 – Roll your pelvis forward until you’re sitting upright then scoop your pelvis under to slump back into your chair. For extra control try to keep your ribs still while your pelvis and lower back moves.

2. Thoracic Rotations 

– Sitting with your hands across your chest, gently rotate your upper body all the way to your left and then to your right. Add in a deep breath at the end of each rotation to open up the ribs!

3. Scapula Retraction

 – Gently bring your shoulder blades together at the back and feel the chest opening up. Think wide collar bones! Hold for 5 seconds before relaxing.

4. Cervical Rotations

 – Sitting up tall, look over your left shoulder, followed by the right. Try to look further around with each attempt!

5. Chin Tucks

 – Sitting up tall, tuck your chin in (to make a double chin) and hold for 5 seconds before relaxing. Your gaze should stay horizontal as you stretch your upper neck!
Repeat each movement 10 times.
If you’ve enjoyed these tips and exercises or want to find out more about improving your specific posture, get in touch with us today to start the process of becoming a healthier you!

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