Happiness is a feeling or emotion that is an important part of the human experience!

Happy people are more successful, more productive and better problem-solvers. They maintain better relationships, have less stress and even live longer lives! Happy people are more creative and more generous. And, importantly, happy people are healthier.

So how do we bring more happiness into our lives? A good place to start is to get out of pain as being in pain has been shown to negatively effect mood. Make sure you are eating healthy food that is full of nutrients - poor diet and gut health has also been linked to a low mood. Add more fun things into your life, things that bring you enjoyment, whether it is painting, drawing, kickboxing, walking, running or listening to podcasts.

Set some goals that align with your values. When our goals are based on our values, they are more meaningful. Meaning, purpose and striving for something ‘bigger’ is a key element of happiness theory in positive psychology.

Here are some resources to help you bring more happiness into your life!

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