Clinical Psychology

There are many areas in life where Clinical Psychology services can be helpful. Our Clinical Psychologist, Caroline Tingay, has over twenty years’ experience working in various mental health and counselling services. She has worked with adults and young people in community and hospital-based government mental health services, as well as in private practice and Defence health services. Caroline also has experience working with sportsmen and sportswomen, and is interested in addressing sport psychology issues with individuals and teams at all levels. Her areas of interest include finding an optimal mindset to get the most out of sport, enhancing performance, recovering from injury, and developing cohesive, balanced team environments where athletes and players can flourish. Some of the more common reasons people may see a clinical psychologist include: • Improving ongoing low mood or depressed mood • Dealing with various forms of anxiety • Managing fluctuating and intense emotions • Helping to manage chronic pain and the emotional distress this brings • Learning to communicate more assertively • Improving your self-esteem and self-concept • Gaining a sense of identity, or working towards who you want to be • Managing thoughts of suicide or acts of self-harm • Reducing the pain of previous traumatic experiences • Balancing your lifestyle and managing stress. Working with a Clinical Psychologist can be a very important life experience, requiring significant rapport between the client and the therapist. Caroline works collaboratively with her clients, fostering a therapeutic relationship based on respect, openness and just a little humour. She has the philosophy that you are the ‘expert’ on yourself; with guidance and support from a therapist you can optimise your strengths and move towards the more fulfilling, meaningful life you desire. To book an appointment with Caroline, call Live Well Currambine on 9304 1000

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