Counsellors support clients with mild to moderate symptoms which are negatively impacting their mental health and overall sense of well-being. They use an evidence-based and collaborative, person-centred approach. This involves viewing the client as the expert in their lives and supporting their natural ability to take action to achieve the things they want and need.
At Live Well Currambine, we are fortunate to have Andrea Walmsley as our valued and well-respected counsellor. When you meet with Andrea for the first sessions, you will spend time getting to know each other. It is important to develop a positive client-counsellor relationship that will create a sense of safety and security that will help you feel more comfortable to share your concerns and experiences. Andrea will identify the qualities and characteristics that are unique to you and how these factors interplay with the problem or challenge that you bring to counselling. Once she has enough information, she will use her professional expertise to identify strategies and tools for you to choose from, that can enable change to happen.
Andrea has completed a Master of Counselling and has a wealth of life experience, which includes a former thirty-six-year career as a teacher in both the primary and secondary education sectors. Her strength as a counsellor comes from her ability to combine her professional knowledge with her life experiences to provide clients with a deeply empathetic approach when addressing their concerns. Her special interests include individualising treatment plans for clients who feel so overwhelmed by the pressures they are experiencing at work and/or at home, that their mental and physical exhaustion is negatively impacting all other areas of their life and they don’t feel able to become unstuck.
Some of the typical reasons people seek counselling include:
  • • Seeking help with making major life decisions
  • • Managing and coping with change
  • • Identifying strategies that can help improve personal or professional relationships
  • • Learning strategies to overcome unhelpful habits and behaviours
  • • Overcoming low or depressed mood
  • • Managing stress and general anxiety
  • • Controlling difficult or intense emotions
  • • Managing the emotional distress that can accompany chronic pain
  • • Overcoming perfectionism and procrastination
  • • Identifying and changing limiting beliefs and behaviours
  • • Identifying values and using them to guide their life in a more fulfilling direction
  • • Learning how to create and effectively maintain boundaries
To book a counselling appointment or to find out more, call our Currambine clinic on 9304 1000.

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