One of the biggest afflictions of modern day life is the “busy-ness” of it all. Hectic work
One of the biggest afflictions of modern day life is the “busy-ness” of it all. Hectic work and family schedules are commonplace, digital technologies keep as always connected and our brains received little downtime. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by your busy lifestyle and find yourself struggling to keep up, take a look at these practical tips shared by the team at Food Matters to help you stay sane.

  • Hydrate

Did you know that 85% of the brain tissue is water? Because of this your mood can be easily affected by dehydration so it’s important to drink plenty of water. Not sure how much is enough? Everyone’s body requirements are different and factors such as temperature and exercise also play a part, but one easy way to assess if you’re drinking enough is to check the colour of your urine – it should be pale yellow if you are adequately hydrated. If it’s dark yellow, drink up! Water quality can also be a factor, so it’s a good idea to get a quality water filter to keep your water clean and pure.

  • Eat nourishing foods

We want to aim to be giving our bodies foods that will nourish and add benefit. A good rule of thumb is to avoid packaged foods as much as possible and try and consume more fresh fruit and vegetables. Avoiding packaged foods will help reduce sugar intake and upping the vegetable intake will make sure your body is getting access to all the important vitamins and minerals it needs to function at its best.

  • Get moving

Exercise is one of the best ways to get those feel-good chemicals released into the brain. Try and move your body every single day (a gentle walk will do it). If you want to be in peak condition aim for three vigorous exercise sessions a week, along with daily movement. Mix it up and do what you find fun – surfing, hiking, dancing are all great ways to move your body.

  • Schedule in some fun

Speaking of fun – it helps to schedule in some weekly “fun time” when planning out your week ahead. Think about what puts you in a good mood and schedule some time to do that activity at least once a week. It might be a trip to the beach, relaxing with a good book, a coffee catch up with good friends –just make sure it doesn’t get overlooked when life gets hectic – put it on the schedule!

  • Set some goals

Goal setting can help define purpose in your day. Why am I doing this? Where am I going? Three areas of your life to set some goals around might be fitness, work and personal life.

  • Meditate

Meditation has been around for thousands of years, quite simply because it works. Meditation is a fantastic way to calm your mind and “tune out” when life gets too hectic in a few simple steps. When you tune back in, you’ll feel much more able to carry on with life. It’s now super easy to meditate in your own time with lots of online resources and apps around to help you. Here’s a great article from the Food Matters blog with some basic mediation techniques. 

  • Affirmations

Using affirmations can be an effective way to rewire your brain, purify your thoughts and restructure your mind to begin to think nothing is impossible. Just like exercise, they raise the level of feel-good hormones and encourage our brains to form new clusters of “positive thought” neurons. They can help eliminate patterns of negative thought, transferring your energy to focus on the potential in you. If you have a recurring negative thought or worry such as “I don’t have enough money” –  try come up with an affirmation that will combat this – for example, “I am abundantly wealthy”.

  • Practice gratitude

Gratitude is a powerful emotion, one that can make your life better in so many ways. Rather than comparing yourself to others, practice gratitude for everything you are blessed with and if someone seems to be succeeding around you try being happy for them. Gratitue helps us put things and situations into perspective, realise what we have and ultimately be happier.

  • Give Back

Similarly, when you make a positive impact on the world around you, by giving back, you also fill your own cup with good feelings too, so everyone wins! It’s not about the big gestures, any help you can give could turn someone’s day around. Practicing kindness to strangers, offering help where you can, and donating your pre-loved items rather than throwing them away are some simple ways to start.

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