If you play tennis or basketball, you would train and practice different aspects of the game
We are born to run

. The human body has evolved over time to include many aspects that make us adept at running long distance.

Running is a skill

. It is something we can learn to do well and perform more efficiently.
If you play tennis or basketball, you would train and practice different aspects of the game to improve your overall capability. Like practicing a tennis serve to make it fluid and effective, we can break down the aspects of running to build strength, stability and skill.

Every year 70% of runners will get injured

. To prevent these injuries we need to improve the efficiency of running to decrease the load on our body and improve how we absorb that load with every step. The majority of running injuries come from the body’s inability to manage the cumulative load put on that muscle, bone or joint. When running, every step can create the force of up to 3 times the weight of your body. If you can’t effectively control a single leg squat, how can you control three times that force in under three hundredth of a second for tens of thousands of steps?

Focus on technique, not strength.

 Put down the weights and focus on how you are moving. This does not mean training will be easy, rather we are going to find your weak-link and help you effectively train to improve the efficiency of the overall movement.

Runity: Painless Running

. Runity is a brand new program out of Spain created by Juan Neito which explores the most efficient way to improve a runner’s technique and efficiency. Runity takes the fundamentals of Pilates and applies it to running; focussing on improving rhythm, alignment and ease of running, by training the feet, hips, upper back, motor control (learning) and all three planes of stability. In a WA first, Live Well is now offering Runity classes. You can view footage of our recent Runity launch here.

There is no magic trick

. Every runner and treatment plan will be individual. However, there is increasing evidence to support having a running trained physiotherapist assess your technique and prescribe a treatment plan that is best suited to you and is also running specific.
At Live Well, running clinics with 2D video analysis are available at both our Hillarys and Currambine locations. Contact us today to book in for your individual running assessment.
Our weekly Runity classes run each Tuesday, 6.30-7.00pm at Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club. These are the ONLY Runity classes in WA, so book now to avoid disappointment. Call 9307 8022.
We are born to run, so let’s learn how to run again and run well.

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